With spring finally arriving in Toronto, it’s the perfect time to think about snow and ice melting solutions for your driveway and exterior walkways and steps.  But it’s spring! Yes it is and that’s when you tend to look at outdoor home improvement projects in conjunction with annual spring cleanup or landscaping.  If your driveway and exterior spaces are in need of a makeover, consider including a driveway snow/ice melting system with your project before the winds of the next frigid Toronto winter strike.  Similar to in-floor heating systems, driveway snow/ice melting systems are available in hydronic (water-based) and electric applications.  Which type is best for you depends on factors such as size of area (or areas) to be heated, the condition of your driveway and not least of all, cost. 

Other than the obvious benefit of not having to shovel snow, you might also consider these benefits when thinking about a hydronic or electric system for driveway snow/ice melting solutions:

  1. It’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemicals and salts for melting ice which, over time, can damage your driveway and leach into the surrounding landscaped areas and in some cases, actually get into water systems.  In addition, the toxic chemicals that our four-legged friends ingest from driveways and sidewalks can be deadly and make for expensive vet bills.
  2. Consider targeting trouble spots to avoid slip and fall injuries.  Homeowners who can’t afford to install a driveway snow melting system in all of their exterior concrete slabs use them only where snow and ice accumulation are particular areas of concern, such as in the wheel tracks of a driveway, the front walkway and steps, or in driveways with steep inclines.
  3. There’s a huge convenience factor when you consider how long it takes for any snow removal service you may have contracted to plow your driveway after a big snowfall.  A driveway snow melting system melts snow and ice virtually on contact which means that you won’t be stuck inside, unable to navigate out of deep piles of snow.
  4. If you’re a business owner, installation of driveway snow melting systems reduce professional snow removal costs, inconvenience for customers as well as eliminating or reducing liability concerns due to slip and fall accidents on your business property. 
  5. As a homeowner, driveway snow melting systems significantly add to your property’s resale value if you are considering selling your home.

Before spring almost instantaneously becomes fall and then inevitably, winter, speak to our team at Ideal Plumbing & Drain to learn more about driveway snow melting systems.  Instead of hibernating next winter, you might just want to go out and make snow angels.