Think that in-floor heating is a luxury of modern indulgence?  Not so fast – ancient Romans used a similar system called a “hypocaust” to heat the floors and walls of public bathhouses more than 2,000 years ago.  However, it was a rather costly and labour-intense process, so it was limited only to the richest citizens’ private homes and over time, centrally-located wood-burning stoves would become the major source of heating in most buildings until the modern era.


Now, more than 2,000 years later, in-floor radiant heating is being used more and more widely as an alternative, or in addition to, central heating systems.   The most commonly-used systems are hydronic (water-based), electric and air.  There are many benefits specific to each type of radiant in-floor system,  beyond having warm and toasty toes when stepping out of the bath or shower.  Some others you may not have considered:

  1. It’s energy-efficient.  Since in-floor heating uses a lower temperature than standard heating sources (typically, 20ºC rather than the usual 21-22ºC), costs are reduced.  Because the heat source is spread throughout the floor, it is more evenly distributed and provides significantly higher levels of comfort, keeping the heat where you want it.  You also have the option of “zoning” your home with specific areas of in-floor heating which you can control independently.  
  2. Cleanliness.  For people who suffer from allergies or other respiratory illnesses, air quality is significantly improved over HVAC systems with no dust circulation.  There’s no venting or ductwork with in-floor heating, so the air in your home stays cleaner, not to mention the fact that it saves space which would otherwise have been taken up with heating infrastructure.  
  3. Safety.  With in-floor heating systems, floors dry faster, so accidental slipping or tripping hazards on wet floors are minimized.
  4. In-floor heating is basically invisible which means there are no vents or heat registers which would otherwise impact furniture placement in certain rooms.
  5. Because in-floor heating is considered a premium heating product, it may add to the resale value of your home.

Installing an in-floor heating system is definitely not a DIY project which is why our team of professional technicians at Ideal Plumbing & Drain should be your first call in deciding what type of in-floor heating system is right for you.  Call or email for a free no-obligation quote at 416-305-4050 or