The Smart Home originated from Home Automation, a concept that was on the rise in the late 1980s. Home Automation allowed household appliances to be controlled remotely through On/Off switches, telecommuting through email, and the supply of various contents through cable TV.

Since the 2000s, the concept that people can access networks at any time without locational constraints, appeared and this led to the development towards connecting all home appliances to a communication system, thus, aiming to create a network-oriented smart home environment. However, there were limitations in providing meaningful value to users and the society at large through home-appliance-oriented Smart Home technology, and the development of Smart Home soon entered a period of stagnation.

More recently, the supply of mobile entities, the improvement of wireless Internet, the emergence of Cloud Services, the sophistication of low-energy high-performance energy technologies, and other forms of convergence technologies based Internet of Things (IoT) have opened a new era for Smart Home technology. IoT-oriented Smart Home aims to collect human-machine interaction, then analyze, predict, and utilize information in solving life problems. Based on this, Smart Home is shifting to Smart Space, and further provides new value to the world. There is ongoing various research developments on the subject of Smart Space, and new business models and service platforms are emerging. One of the latest products already in the market is Eddy IQ.

What is Eddy IQ?

The Eddy IQ is smart technology that that learns a household’s water usage patterns and monitors for even minor irregularities that could signal a small leak. In addition, homeowners can install Eddy H2O Sensors which track humidity and temperature trends and alert homeowners should flooding occur within the home from leaky faucets, running toilets, broken appliances and burst pipes. Both products are monitored by a 24x7 Control Centre staffed with water management experts, offering around the clock protection. It also monitors and reports on your water usage so you can plan to conserve and save. The Eddy IQ has automatic and remote shut-off capabilities through a mobile app from anywhere in the world.


How does The Eddy IQ work?

This micro-computer learns your water usage patterns and monitors for irregularities. Offering your family and home around the clock protection.

If the Eddy IQ detects something unusual, it sends you an alert-by mobile app, text message, and email. You can remotely shut off your water from your mobile device to avoid costly damage, and with the ease of our app dispatch a plumber to restore your home to its original condition.


Teaches you how to save

This high-tech learning system familiarizes itself with your water usage patterns and monitors for irregularities. If it detects something unusual, it sends you an alert by mobile app, text message and email.

It also provides you with information on your peak day of the week, and hour of the day; making it easy for you to track trends in your water usage patterns.


Protect your home

Water damage due to plumbing failures and freezing pipes can be catastrophic for any property. To make matters worse, the damp conditions that persist after a leak will create will create the perfect environment for mold infestation, a major source of indoor air problems. Don’t fret that you are not home when trouble arises. Your home’s water can be turned off from anywhere in the world. The remote shut off valve allows you to avoid costly damage from leaks and floods. When emergency situations occur simply turn your water off with the Eddy Home mobile and desktop application.


Real-time reports

Every month the Eddy IQ generates a customized report that shows your water usage patterns. You can take it from there and plan how to conserve water and save money.

The ability to see your daily, bill cycle, and yearly water consumption allows you to recognize patterns in your family’s water usage. This feature also converts usage into cost, so you know how much you are spending on water.


Fewer dollars down the drain

In the average home, water is wasted through:

  • Water leaks
  • Hand-washing dishes
  • Leaving the tap on for tooth brushing

The Eddy IQ helps your family make smart decisions and save money.

You can receive weekly and monthly challenges with conservation tips to help you save both water and money.

Ideal Plumbing and Drain is an authorized provider of Eddy IQ in Toronto and area. Feel free to give us a call and receive more information for using this essential technology at your house.