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Plumbing systems within your home or commercial building provide a circuit of water flow that needs to operate in a smooth and orderly fashion. It is important for issues in the plumbing system to be addressed in a timely and thorough manner. Because drains, water pipes and sewers are interconnected from one part of a home to another, it is especially important that the facilities receive the proper treatment to prevent problems from reoccurring elsewhere.

Ideal Plumbing & Drain is recognized as the most trusted and reliable plumbing and drain company in the GTA, thanks to our professional service, timeless availability and fair pricing. These qualities are reflected in our customer satisfaction, which stands as our number one priority. Ideal Plumbing & Drain maintains long-term relationships with customers who return time and time again for our services. We thank our loyal customers who have referred us to friends and family. Ideal Plumbing & Drain has grown to a company with expert plumbers who take pride in their work, recognizing that they are not only accountable to the Master Plumber of 25 years’ experience but also their clients. No job is too big or too small for Ideal Plumbing & Drain.



toronto plumbing service

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Whether you have a clogged kitchen drain, toilet drain or your main drain, we at Ideal Plumbing serve Toronto area for all drain services.

Our qualified technicians come equipped ready to help you. We can fix plunging a kitchen or bathroom sink or toilet. Just you need to call Ideal Plumbing, You will see how fast will resolve all your problems, ensure the blockage is released using the latest technology and equipment.

Most times the drains can be cleared either by plunging or snaking. Occasionally something more powerful is needed, we have all equipments that can fix all the debris away.

Our service technicians are available for 24hrs 7days emergency service.

We understand how important it is to be able to use all your facilities within your home. Some of your drains are connected like the kitchen sink and the laundry tub sink, so sometimes when you have a problem in one of them it may cause a problem in the other.

The main drain backing up is a little more tricky to deal with as this is the drain that collects all your waste and takes it out to the city. The most common reasons of backing up are debris or roots in the drain, or a poor condition of really old and collapsed drain.

It usually backs up at the first available point in your basement either through your clean out or sometimes from around your basement toilet base. If this happens don't panic and call Ideal Plumbing day or night.
We can show what is causing the blockage on a video camera and give you an exact price for repairing the drain Ideal Plumbing and Drain is the Toronto and GTA leader as the most trusted plumbing and drain company for everything from backflow prevention to clogged drains. We are there for you 24/7. Toilet drain problem? Sewer backup? We're tops in Toronto 24 hours emergency plumbing.

And that's just the start. For plumbing in Toronto, we are your number one choice. Residential, commercial, new construction: no job is too big or too small, because the needs of our customers are our number one priority. Our licensed and insured plumbers take great pride in their work.

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