Backflow Prevention Toronto

Backflow Prevention Toronto

Ideal Plumbing & Drain is perhaps the most reliable company for installing, testing and repairing back-flow prevention assemblies. A back-flow prevention assembly protects potable water (drinking water) from contamination or pollution due to back-flow.

City of Toronto requires all commercial buildings to have a back-flow preventer installed on the main water service. Ideal Plumbing & Drain is licensed and insured for installing, testing and repairing these assemblies. Our back-flow licensed technicians can assist you in the type of back-flow device required by the city for your commercial building. Further, technicians are capable to provide an annual testing of these devices as required by the City of Toronto.
Three types of back-flow prevention devices include:

  • Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA)
  • Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZA)
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)

These devices are installed immediately after the isolation valve and water meter. Each type of back-flow device is designed for a different level of protection. For instance, a hospital or dental clinic which handles large quantities of hazardous wastes and chemicals on a daily basis may require a more protective device than perhaps a restaurant.

Backflow Testing

A well maintained backflow prevention device ensures contaminated water will not enter the public water system if a backflow situation occurs.

Some municipalities like Toronto and Markham require compliance with backflow prevention by-laws. Based on provincial codes and standards, a backflow preventer device test must be conducted after installation, repair, relocation or replacement of a device and annually thereafter.

If you received a letter from your municipality, you are now on notice and need service from a qualified backflow specialist.

Ideal Plumbing and Drain can test your device and complete all required information for your backflow preventer test report. We will submit the report on your behalf to your local backflow prevention/cross-connection control program. In the event, the test fails, we will provide you with a repair estimate and ensure the device works as intended so that you are in full compliance.

We provide the following:

  • free estimate
  • upfront pricing
  • Scheduling and conducting the test with minimum interruption to your operations
  • installing the required test tag
  • submitting the test report to the municipality on your behalf
  • keeping all documentation on file for you

Backflow Installation

A backflow preventer device must be installed to protect the public water supply against contamination from hazard.

We perform a wide variety of installations based on the degree of hazard identified including Double Check Valve Assemblies and Reduced Pressure Assemblies in all sizes and configurations.

We provide the following:

  • offering free initial inspection and estimate for installation
  • determine appropriate backflow prevention device to be installed
  • submitting  drawings and obtain necessary permits on your behalf
  • conducting  installation with minimal interruption to your operations
  • performing testing and tagging and reporting of new device
  • coordinating inspections
  • submitting necessary paperwork and fees to the municipality on your behalf


Backflow Prevention

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