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Plumbing emergencies can occur at any given time. It is important for a plumbing company to provide fast and reliable service for its clients in times of need. Ideal Plumbing & Drain is a professional and prepared plumbing repair company that is well-aware that any possible plumbing mishap can occur at any given time. This is why we at Ideal Plumbing & Drain are ready to assist you with your emergency needs at any given time, including nights, weekends and holidays. 

Our technicians are ready to assist you with your emergency, be it a sewer back-up, burst or leaking pipes or any technical failure of any kind. Ideal Plumbing & Drain ensures that any required tool, equipment and material that may be needed is fully stocked and ready. We are completely prepared to undertake the emergency in an efficient and professional way.

emergency plumber toronto

Ideal Plumbing & Drain response includes a complete upfront estimate of the job. Upon arrival, we diagnose the situation and inform the customer on the best route of action, given the particular circumstance. We are perhaps Toronto’s most reliable emergency plumbing company.

When you contact Ideal Plumbing & Drain, you will be directed to a Master Plumber who will inquire about your situation and quickly send a team of technicians over to the emergency. Meanwhile, if there is any quick-fixes that can help prevent further damage, they will be suggested to you until the technicians arrive. Our high degree of experience and field knowledge allows us to provide this advice as we encounter these emergencies frequently.

For any plumbing emergency, call Ideal Plumbing & Drain, the best emergency plumber in GTA, for fast and reliable service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help.

Frequent plumbing emergencies include:

  • backed-up main drain, toilet or sink
  • leaking hot water tank
  • burst/cracked/leaking pipes
  • malfunctioning faucets or toilets
  • malfunction sump or sewage pumps

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