Drain Snaking Toronto

A blocked drain pipe that is left untreated can be a destructive problem that may grow to affect the piping and sewage system as a whole. When pipes are partially blocked, it becomes quite noticeable when fixtures are slow to drain as water closets aren’t able to operate sufficiently. When the problem continues without treatment, pipes become completely obstructed, which causes sewage back-up through floor drains and fixtures. This often causes property damage and serves as a potential health hazard.

Ideal Plumbing & Drain offers a simple method to clear drains pipes, referred to as the “cleanout” zones which are strategically located throughout the drainage system. To do this, a device called a drain snake, also known as a plumbing snake or drain auger, is used to unclog drains. It is important for the plumbing technician to be knowledgeable as to which type of drain snake is required for each particular client. Our technicians have received extensive training specifically for this device. Our trucks are always stocked with a variety of snake types and sizes so the appropriate one is always used to insure the job is done in an efficient time without any damages.

drain snaking toronto

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