Hydro Jetting Toronto / High Pressure Drain cleaning Services

Hydro jetting is a simple yet efficient way to clean your pipes and drain without causing any damage. High pressure water bursts into your drain without needing to dig or puncture the drain pipe. Ideal Plumbing & Drain uses a high velocity water pressure to gust away anything that has built up and clogged the drain. Accumulated residue from the toughest grease, scale, silt and sand are all blasted away by powerful emissions of water to return your pipes to their widest diameter. High pressure drain cleaning is nowadays a very efficient way to clean you drain.

Frequently, Ideal Plumbing & Drain technicians use the Hydro Jet to target the kitchen drain located under the sink that has clogged the line completely and water can no longer outflow. This is a better alternative than just only using a drain snake because they do not remove the oil and grease trapped in the pipe as a Hydro Jet would.

hydro jetting toronto

high pressure drain cleaning

Hydro Jets can also be used to remove roots which have blocked drains and pipes in laundry lines, tubs, showers or floor drains. Ideal Plumbing & Drain uses the latest technologies in our Hydro Jets which have specialized cutting tools.

Our technicians will happily share some of the Do’s and Don’ts for kitchen sinks with garbage garburator. Please call us today for more information.

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