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5 Green Plumbing Tips for Your North York Home

As a homeowner, you can sometimes find yourself squeezed by a busy work schedule that you rarely get time to inspect your Custom home plumbing system and audit your water usage routines. As the world continues to advocate for eco-friendly living, many homeowners are now investing more in green home plumbing solutions. Luckily, there are some simple measures you can implement to also make your North York home plumbing system eco-friendly and save on energy costs.
In this eco-friendly home plumbing guide, we share with you 5 green plumbing tips that you need to implement to achieve an eco-friendly home plumbing system.

Attend to any water leaks promptly

Have you spotted any leaking pipes or kitchen faucet leaks? Take action immediately and call a professional home plumber to come and handle the necessary repairs. Leaked kitchen faucets or pipes if left unattended can lead to a loss of huge volumes of water.
Such leaks will not only damage the environment but will also cost you more in your utility bills. When you hire a skilled plumber, they can easily spot areas that are susceptible to leakages such as below the sinks or behind walls. When home water leaks are fixed promptly, you will use your water sustainably and also drastically reduce your utility bills.

Install low-flow fixtures

Low-flow fixtures work on the principle of releasing enough water according to the user’s demand. When you invest in low-flow fixtures in your residential home plumbing system, you will not only reduce water wastage but also your water bills. Some of the common low-flow plumbing fixtures that we recommend include; kitchen faucets, shower heads, and water-saving toilets.

Make pipe insulation a priority

To avoid turning ON your hot water taps only to find cold water and you have to wait for a while before the water can heat up, consider insulating your plumbing pipes. During the cold season, water pipes that are not insulated can be very frustrating.
When your home water pipes are insulated, it will take a shorter time for hot water to reach your faucets and shower heads. Insulated water pipes are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They help save constant water wastage, reduce your water bills, and improve your lifestyle.

Invest in eco-friendly and energy-efficient plumbing materials

Not all home plumbing materials are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Hire a professional home plumbing to audit your current home plumbing system so that you can understand areas that you need to improve to make your home plumbing system eco-friendly.
You can consider upgrading your plumbing pipes to PEX piping materials or investing in a tankless water heater as advised by a certified professional plumber.

Dispose of your garbage responsibly

How do you dispose of your food scraps and other kitchen wastes? Most homeowners put them in their garbage disposal bins. A good eco-friendly alternative to your old garbage disposal habits is to create a composite pile in your backyard.
A composite pile will not only protect the environment but will also play a great role in enriching your garden soil. You will also reduce cases of drainage system blockage which can bring a lot of inconveniences.

For professional and sustainable eco-friendly home plumbing solutions in North York, East York and across the GTA, get in touch with Ideal Plumbing Contractors today for a free quote. We are experts in both residential home plumbing and commercial plumbing.

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