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6 Plumbing Tips for a Bathroom Remodel in Toronto

Embarking on a bathroom remodel is both thrilling and potentially overwhelming. The complexity of the project can vary greatly, from simple updates to extensive overhauls.

Relocating fixtures like toilets, tubs, or showers introduces challenges related to plumbing, pipes, drains, and other essential elements. To navigate these complexities, it’s crucial to consider several factors before beginning, and engaging experienced Toronto plumbers is a wise first step.

Here are some key plumbing insights for your bathroom renovation to ease the process:

Evaluate Your Bathroom and Remodeling Needs
Before diving into the remodel, it’s important to have a clear plan. Assess your renovation requirements and the space you have. This includes deciding on new locations for fixtures like showers or toilets and ensuring feasible plumbing connections in these new spots.
Enlisting the help of skilled Toronto plumbers is invaluable at this stage. Ideal Plumbing and Drain experts will assist in evaluating your project’s scope and guide you in selecting appropriate products.

Consider Pipe Replacement
During your assessment, determine if your pipes are outdated and need replacement. Older homes often have plumbing that doesn’t meet current standards. A remodel is an opportune time for such updates.
This evaluation might reveal the need for comprehensive plumbing upgrades throughout your home. While this can increase your budget, addressing it early prevents future damage.

This step also involves considering the replacement of shower valves, shut-off valves, and other fixtures nearing the end of their lifespan. Ideal Plumbing and Drain professionals in Toronto can advise you on which fixtures require replacement.

Ensure Adequate Waterproofing
Effective waterproofing is crucial in a bathroom remodel, particularly in showers, to prevent long-term damage and potential insurance claims.
Challenges arise with features like walk-in showers or built-in benches, as tile and grout alone aren’t waterproof. Proper waterproofing methods are essential to prevent water damage, including careful installation of fixtures and plumbing components like shower pan liners.

Obtain Accurate Estimates
Determining the cost of a remodeling project can be daunting. However, a professional Toronto plumber can provide accurate estimates for the plumbing aspect, aiding in budgeting and planning.
Professional assistance also reduces the need for you to purchase tools, as a plumbing service like Ideal Plumbing and Drain will have all necessary equipment. They offer clear, upfront pricing, helping you budget effectively for their services.

Select the Right Faucet and Vanity
The choice of vanity and faucets significantly influences the bathroom’s aesthetic. Consider the style, space, and practicality. For smaller bathrooms, wall-mount sinks or pedestals might be ideal, though they require more maintenance.
Under-mount sinks offer a sleek look but need waterproof countertops and are more expensive to install. Faucet choices range from modern to traditional, with various handle and spout options to suit different space constraints.

Understand Permit and Inspection Requirements
Depending on your project’s scale, a building permit may be necessary under the Building Code Act. This applies to new constructions, demolitions, additions, or significant alterations.
In Toronto, permits are required for structural changes, new windows or doors, or significant alterations. Assess your project’s scope to determine if a permit is needed, as operating without one can lead to legal issues and construction delays.

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