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Basement Flooding Problems in Toronto and How to Prevent Them

 Basement flooding is a big challenge to many homeowners in Toronto as it can happaen at any time during the rainy and cold seasons. Snow melts and sewer lines with water levels above the basement floors can also be a great contributor to the basement flooding menace. As a homeowner, understanding the core contributors of basement flooding can help you institute measures that will ensure that your home basement is well maintained and that it is safe from flooding.

The following are the common factors that contribute to basement flooding problems;

Poorly fitted drainage tile or faulty pipes

Those septic and storm sewer pipes that are flowing in and near your home are the easiest contributors to basement flooding problems. If they are not properly fixed or they develop crack issues, they can easily emit sewer water and other elements into your basement.

Poorly installed or failed backwater valve

When the backwater valve develops some faultiness, especially during huge storms, the drainage pipes get clogged with rainy waters and they fail to drain the water effectively resulting in water reversing back to homes and causing basement flooding.

Sewer line clogging issues

If the waste materials and water that are supposed to be drained through the sanitary sewer accumulate and clog the pipes, it becomes difficult to drain them.  If no immediate action is taken, gradual accumulation of these materials continues to block the drainage pipes and they eventually result in basement flooding.

The slope of the land surrounding your home

If the gradient of the land surrounding your home is slanting towards your home, there is a high chance that your home will be prone to constant rainwater accumulation and this can be a great contributor to basement flooding.

A flooded basement will give you sleepless nights and destroy your valuables. Luckily, knowing the risk factors that cause basement flooding in Toronto makes it easy for you to come up with adequate preventive measures. With proper planning and home design, it’s possible to keep your North York home free from frequent basement flooding.

Practical tips on how to prevent basement flooding

  • Create a schedule for inspecting sewer lines for any blockage
  • Check your home drainage system on a regular basis
  • If there is any leakage, hire a certified plumber to handle any repairs and waterproofing
  • Inspect your basement walls often to see whether there are any signs of cracked walls or weak point
  • Try as much as possible to ensure your house foundation stays dry and there is no water leakage

How do you deal with basement flooding?

If you are a victim of basement flooding in Toronto, here are the different ways that you can put the situation under control.

  • Ensure there is safety first by switching off the power, gas, and main water line
  • Pick all the important items in your basement and put them in a dry area to allow them to drain as quickly as possible to avoid any damage
  • Contact a certified plumber like Ideal Plumbing and Drain instantly to come and identify the cause of your home basement flooding and repair it immediately
  • Once the plumber fixes the cause of basement flooding and the area is drained, the entire area should be deep cleaned and sanitized.

Basement flooding problems are common but you can reduce the damage extent by contacting a professional plumber immediately after you realize there is a potential threat or the flooding has just started. At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, we are always at your service 24/7 across the GTA. All our plumbing technicians have wide industrial experience and they offer their basement flooding restoration services with utmost professionalism.

Ideal Plumbing and Drain is a locally owned and operated company. Contact us today for any emergencies concerning basement flooding for the best services.

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