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Your Plumbing Professional in North York

North York Plumbers You Can Trust

Offering Residential & Commercial services in North York.

Are you looking for a professional plumber in North York? Look no further than Ideal Plumbing and Drain. We offer the best plumbing and drain services in North York and across the Great Toronto Area (GTA). We are a locally established and operated plumbing and drain company. We take pride in over 2 decades of industry experience thanks to our highly skilled and experienced team of certified plumbers.
Our mission is to provide affordable and reliable plumbing services that are of high quality and customized to all our clients in North York and across the GTA. Our team of licensed North York plumbers is always ready to offer fast and professional services in case of any plumbing and drain issues and emergencies.
Whether it’s an issue with pipe freezing, leaking kitchen faucets, showerheads, or drain blockage emergencies, you can count on licensed North York plumbers from Ideal Plumbing and Drain to get the job professionally done.

Our Plumbing Specialties Include

At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, we are committed to providing the best plumbing and drain services in the North York & East York region. Some of the plumbing and drain services that our certified North York Plumbers offer are;

  • 24-hour Plumbing Services
  • Drain Sewer Video Inspection
  • Drain Power Flushing
  • Waterproofing
  • Sump Pump Repair & Installation
  • North York Plumbing Service
  • Frozen Pipe Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning Services
  • Drain Repair Services
  • Pipe thawing services
  • Pipe Freezing Services
  • Hydronic Heating System
  • Facilities Management
  • Water Softener Installation
  • Backflow Preventer Installation
  • Backflow Prevention
Plumbing In North York by Ideal Plumbing & Drain

North York commercial plumbing and drain services

Plumbing and drain problems in a commercial setup can cause a lot of hazards and loss of your business reputation. Don’t allow leaking pipes and blocked drainages to damage the positive image of your North York business. Engage certified and licensed North York plumbers from Ideal Plumbing and Drain Company for a quick fix of all your commercial plumbing issues.

North York industrial plumbing and drain services

As industrial technologies uptake across various manufacturing sectors continues to take shape, industrial plumbing and drain standards are also evolving. At Ideal Plumbing and Drain Company, we equip our North York plumbers with the latest technological plumbing skills so that they can offer professional industrial plumbing services.

We provide industrial plumbing and drain services across all types of industries. Therefore, you can feel confident that our team of North York plumbers will handle all your industrial plumbing and drain problems and emergencies with utmost precision.

Our certified and properly insured North York plumbers are available 24/7 to ensure your manufacturing plant maintains the required safety standards and stays compliant for optimum efficiency.

Our North York plumbers offer the following industrial plumbing and drain services;

  • Plumbing Design Water, Sanitary, and Drainage
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Driveway Snow Melting
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Emergency Service, Fault Finding & Repairs
  • Green Solutions & Water Harvesting
  • Installations & Project Management
  • Gas Fitting
  • Drain Clearing

For all your North York Plumbing needs, call Ideal Plumbing and Drain Company licensed North York plumbers for fast and affordable Residential, Commercial, and industrial plumbing and drain services.


Looking for reliable and professional GTA Plumbers? Look no further. Get in touch with Ideal Plumbing and Drain today! We are available 24/7 and you can count on us even when you need emergency plumbing and drain services. We have an in-house team of highly dedicated priority plumbers who are only a call away.

We only work with qualified and experienced professional plumbers to ensure our work is top-notch and safe. We use the latest plumbing technologies to offer excellent yet affordable plumbing services to all our clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, we endeavor to offer high-quality plumbing and drain services to guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

Why should you work with Ideal Plumbing and Drain?

Working with Ideal Plumbing and Drain contractors for all your commercial plumbing services in Toronto is the best decision you can ever make. At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, we guarantee;

At Ideal Plumbing and Drain contractors, we are committed to giving our customers the best commercial plumbing services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Contact us today for a free quote. Our fast and reliable commercial plumbing services in Toronto puts us ahead of other competitors.

Looking For a Commercial Plumber near you? We have helped many satisfied clients regarding their Commercial Plumbing Needs.
Your North York Residential Plumbing expert, who are ready to take your home to the next level!
We served many Residential home owner, by serving them with a Radiant floor heater. Click the button for more info!
The winter in Canada can be very rough, but not to worry! We will install a Driveway Snow Melting System in your North York home to make your life easier!

Yes, all our plumbers are fully licensed and insured to work in North York. They have the necessary training and expertise to ensure high-quality plumbing work that complies with local regulations and standards.

We provide a comprehensive range of commercial plumbing services in North York, including but not limited to pipe installation and repair, water heater services, drain cleaning, leak detection, and backflow prevention. We cater to various commercial settings such as offices, restaurants, and retail establishments.

Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services for commercial clients in North York. Our team is equipped to handle urgent plumbing issues promptly to minimize disruption to your business operations

Absolutely! We specialize in residential plumbing renovations, offering services like bathroom and kitchen plumbing upgrades, pipe rerouting, and fixture installations to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

If you suspect a drain blockage, it’s best to contact us immediately. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners as they can damage your pipes. Our team uses safe and effective methods to diagnose and clear blockages without harming your plumbing system.

For complex commercial plumbing issues, we conduct a thorough assessment using advanced diagnostic tools. We then discuss the most effective solutions with our clients, ensuring minimal disruption to their business while adhering to safety and quality standards.

Our residential plumbing maintenance services include routine inspections, drain cleaning, water pressure checks, water heater maintenance, and preventative measures to avoid future plumbing issues. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your plumbing system and prevent costly repairs