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We are experts in Radiant Floor Heating

Are you struggling with cold floors or cold feet in your North York home? You need to invest in a high-efficient home heating system. Floors can get really cold, especially during the cold seasons like winter. Luckily, you can forget the woes of uneven temperatures in your home by investing in a radiant in-floor heating system. At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, we are experts in the installation of radiant in-floor heating systems that provide eco-friendly cold floor solutions in your home by making your home comfortable.

What Is a Radiant Floor Heating System?

A radiant floor heating system also known as a hydronic radiant in-floor heating system is a home floor heating system that is placed beneath your house floors to evenly regulate the temperature of your floor to keep your home warm.

The installation process of the radiant floor heating system involves fixing PEX tube pipes in or underneath the house floor. Once installed, the pipes are connected to a boiler that heats the water. A pump is then used to distribute the warm water to different areas of your floor. Once the floor conducts the heat from the heated water, it spreads warmth on the floor surface in every corner of your home.

The temperature of a radiant in-floor heating system is easily regulated using a remote control and homeowners can turn it on and off at any time. Compared to other cold floor heating systems, a radiant floor heating system is the most recommended as it radiates an even heat distribution in your home. It’s highly efficient, safe, quiet, cost-effective, and eco-friendly (does not promote the spread of dust and allergens in your home).


If you are worried about maintenance costs, installing a radiant floor heating system in your home is one of the cost-effective methods. It’s very durable and easy to maintain as it does not use air ducts like other floor heating systems thus, eliminating the need for regular cleaning and repairs. When you install a hydronic radiant floor heating system, you create more usable space in your house that would otherwise be set aside for an air vent or a radiator.

At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, all our technicians are well-versed in the installation of radiant floor heating systems and they strictly follow the existing Canadian electrical codes and standard guidelines.

Apart from warming cold floors in your home, radiant heating systems can also be used to provide other home heating solutions including in your swimming pool, driveway/walkway snow melting, and fan coils.

At Ideal Plumbing and Drain, we are the leading specialists in the installation of radiant in-floor heating systems in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether it’s new home construction or existing home renovations, contact our dedicated customer care team for a no-obligation radiant in-floor heating system installation quotation.

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