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Think that in-floor heating is a luxury of modern indulgence?  Not so fast – ancient Romans used a similar system called a “hypocaust” to heat the floors and walls of public bathhouses more than 2,000 years ago.  However, it was a rather costly and labour-intense process, so it was limited only to the richest citizens’ private homes and over time, centrally-located wood-burning stoves would become the major source of heating in most buildings until the modern era.

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The Smart Home originated from Home Automation, a concept that was on the rise in the late 1980s. Home Automation allowed household appliances to be controlled remotely through On/Off switches, telecommuting through email, and the supply of various contents through cable TV.

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With spring finally arriving in Toronto, it’s the perfect time to think about snow and ice melting solutions for your driveway and exterior walkways and steps.  But it’s spring! Yes it is and that’s when you tend to look at outdoor home improvement projects in conjunction with annual spring cleanup or landscaping.  If your driveway and exterior spaces are in need of a makeover, consider including a driveway snow/ice melting system with your project before the winds of the next frigid Toronto winter strike.  Similar to in-floor heating systems, driveway snow/ice melting systems are available in hydronic (water-based) and electric applications.  Which type is best for you depends on factors such as size of area (or areas) to be heated, the condition of your driveway and not least of all, cost. 

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