A blocked drain pipe left untreated can be a destructive problem that may affect the piping and sewage system as a whole. Pipes that are slow to drain are an immediate indicator of a partial drain blockage. If action is not taken and the problem is permitted to continue, pipes can become completely obstructed which can cause thousands of dollars in damage. This is particularly the case in instances of sewage backup which can also pose significant health hazards.

Ideal Plumbing & Drain offers a simple method to clear the “cleanout” zones which are strategically located throughout the drainage system. To do this, a drain snake, also known as a plumbing snake or drain auger, is used to unclog drains. Our plumbing technicians are highly trained and experienced in ensuring that the right size and type of drain snake is used in each particular case. To ensure efficiency, our trucks are always fully stocked with a variety of snake types and sizes so the technician can complete the job quickly without any subsequent damages.

Find out today if drain snakes are the right tool for your drain repair needs.

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